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Hi, my heart is been fluddering all day and it's worrying me. I do have edema in both legs, the cardiologist said my inferior vena cava valve is dialited because of my weight. Does anyone else have fluddering that last all day? Is it dangerous?

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Cut out the salt, and as its in so much processed food, just eat simply foods, foods that have not been processed, so brown rice not white, no sugar, no oil, and no animal products at all. Its easy to do, enjoyable food and you should feel better as many people do with in a short period of time. What ever the modern disease, its the same diet. It can be called the SOS diet or a WFPB diet so that you can look it up. A lot of food has been marketed as healthy that is not, oil is not a health food, chicken is not a health food----- marketing every where killing us, these guys below have research not paid for buy the meat and pharmaceutical industries to back up what they say. If you can't think what to cook, just eat what you always eat, take out the animal and processed stuff and eat much more of the plants. e.g. lamp chops with peas and potatoes, lots of peas and lots of potatoes. You will not get fat on this diet, but the potatoes should not be peeled, ( whole food ) You will also be surprised at how much you need to eat to feel full, thats because whole foods are low in calories.

All modern health concerns can be helped by the diet proposed by these guys, they all do serious research except Dr Greger who disseminates it to the wider population, I am sure your symptoms will improve if you take their advice

Dr Esselstyn

Dr Dean Ornish

Dr T Collin Campbell

Dr Barnard

Dr McDougall

Dr Greger

A Whole Food Plant Based Diet is really nice, you can eat as much as you want with out getting fat, the food is tasty and cheaper, it’s a no brainer

Some movies to watch

The Game Changers

What the health

Forks over knives

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Thank you so much for all the information, I will definitely look them up and try this diet.