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Unsalted Heart

i am in limbo

a few months ago i was diagnosed with heart disease told i had three arteries moderate to sever blocked and that was it ,have been waiting since to see a consultant I had test as i was getting breathless,but they say the heart condition is not the cause of the breathlessness and have a four month wait for the respiratory clinic i have had no help from my doctors except now being diadnosed with depression i cant think why? besides being left in limbo

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I have the same trouble but I know what I have going on,just not what causes it. I have lung disease, congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. My lung dr says the heart makes me short of breath and the heart dr says it’s my lungs. I’ll probAbly never know. But you could have both too bc the heart and lungs work together. If one has a problem most likely the other will too. Sorry. Find a good Dr to listen to you. Get a specialist involved as soon as possible. I wish you luck.