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Newly diagnosed Type2 diabetes


Another problem! This is my first post to you. Have had a life of good health but now, aged 77, I’m cracking up! AF, Bronchiolitis and collapsed lung last year, since Christmas, developed Polymyalgia Rheumatica. So 15mg Prednisolone every day for a month has tipped my borderline diabetes over the top from 47 to 49, so they tell me I now have diabetes! Fed up!

Talking to diabetes nurse on Tuesday about diet. Fortunately for the last month I have been on the Keto diet and have so far lost 12lbs. Am 72kg so not fat. But diet has high fat. 15 carbs only allowed a day, no sugar, . So what do I do now? Your advice would be much appreciated. I live in the UK.

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Hello silver Queen,,, yu are still too young....

i figured you are from UK. Not sure what is united diabetes tome.

You can join-- DIABETES INDIA - here --there is lot of info on Type 2 diabetes a nd lchf diet and recepies. Low carb high fat diet. Keto is too low carb,,yu may not need that,

No need to loose more weight, if BMI is in the range. Stay healthy and stay beautiful.

I am not familiar with your other diagnosis or medicines.

If your medicine caused your diabetes --then ask doctor to change medicine,

What is 47 to 49 -- equivalent to A1C.. in USA ??

I assume -you not working now. try to go fora walk,30minutes after main meal --

Eat three small meals. eat dinner early by 8 pm. and skip breakfast -- that is intermittent fasting - may help some people-

You have to figure out by trial and error what works best for you,

GOOD Luck,, do not worry,

Silver-Babe in reply to Fatbuddy

Hello Fat Buddy,

Nice to be called Silver Queen! I am really just a 77 year old English Silver-Babe (in reality before the dye went on!)

Actually that's good advice about cutting out breakfast and and a good walk after lunch. I've got Polymyalgia Rheumatica - need steroids for that, which has pushed up my borderline limit up of 47 to 49 - in the UK 47 is the limit apparently, Am on the Keto diet too which helps getting off the weight too. Life is changing so much once one reaches 75 doesn't it?

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