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Hi I'm new to these kinds of things. Lately I've been getting anxiety when a kid points out my pump at work. I feel ashamed of it and wish it wasn't there. I've had diabetes since I was five and know how to take care of it. It's the part when people notice it is what gets me. I'm scared to mention it to anyone even someone I would like to go out with because of the thought they might not like me because of it

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Hi Grizzly & welcome. I love my pump & if a really big fella TRIED to pinch it off me he would get the biggest shock of his life. I would go wild & I mean it. Good luck with things

Welcome Grizzly ! like u I have been T1 for a long time. To say its a pain in the ---- is so true. Up to 4 injections a day since England won the world CUP ! Good luck mate