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so I have a question. I got shot down on another diabetic forum and I got quite angry and upset and I don't know what to do. for the past couple of weeks ive had sore stomachs especially after drinking and taking my meds (metformin, mebeverine and peppermint oil capsules) anyhoo my period has not come but ive had really bad cramping and really bad diarroeah. I'm not sure if its connected to the diabetes, the stomach stuff or what. this question is really for the ladies out there. I found the ladies on the other forum really rude and id just like if anyone has had any of the same experiences.....

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Metform is well known to cause stomach issues. Are you taking it on an empty stomach? There is an extended release version that might help alleviate those symptoms. I do not have any stomach problems from Metformin anymore. I did have some stomach issues for the first two weeks though. How long have you been on Metformin? I hope this helps. That is all I the advice I can give you. Oh, one more thing, having a bad gallbladder/gallstones can also cause the stomach issues. I also have this from time to time. It causes vomiting, dry heaving, and diarrhea. You might need to have your gallbladder checked out as it is common for diabetics to have gallstones. I hope this helps you some. Hang in there. Don't let other people on support forums get you down. I take Insulin and eat regular food because I can't live on salads and meats. I can't eat like a rabbit. I control my diabetes with insulin. My last A1C was 5.4. I can live with that, even if it means I have to inject 30-80 units of fast acting insulin per day. There will always be those who will hate on you for whatever reason. The thing you have to learn is that you can't control what other people think, and you can't force your way to control the disease onto other people. Everyone has their own diet and medicine plan to maintain their disease.


Some people will even bash you for taking Metformin and not using diet alone to control the disease. Some people are so scared of taking meds because they're against big Pharma. I have so many other very serious medical conditions, medical conditions that I have to take meds or I will die type of issues. So using meds is not an issue for me. I just add more meds to the list and move on. It's much easier to accept my diabetes and that I need meds to control my blood sugar having had been on other meds for many years before my diabetes diagnosis. Hang in there. You will find the answers you're looking for. Here is a link about gallbladder issues.



*UPDATE* so I eventually got a appointment with the doc and he did a few weeks tests turns out I'm pregnant lol such a shock been trying for 15 years so I'm now on insulin 4 times a day no more IBS medication till baby here. Thanks to those who responded though x


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