Understanding Clinical Trials

The TRIALS.GOV search page could be better

At the minimum, once you have looked at a trial, and decide that you are not interested or do not qualify, that trial should, as a default, be excluded from search results. This data could be stored on your own computer, or you could have an "account" that stores this information about your prior decisions.

Of course, the search criteria could be better. You should be able to enter more drop-down parameters of your disease state to act as default filters. In addition, the "results" that are posted should also contain an paragraph in English summarizing the findings to a patient audience.

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Clintrials.gov is a US based system out of the FDA.

All information is unfortunately 'historic' and out of date by the time you read it.

I went local and went to MAC Clinical Research to participate on my study.



Thank you for sharing your experience MartinGugino! We are excited to get our community up and running and look forward to communicating with you. If you are still searching for a clinical trial please visit CISCRP's Search Clinical Trials Service : ciscrp.org/our-programs/sea... This is a free service designed to help people find clinical trials that are relevant to their needs.


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