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Sing Along With Catherine

Sing Along With Catherine

I’ve been doing quite a bit of singing over the last few days, that’s singing in the ticcy sense. I’m sure I’m not the first ticcer to change the words of songs into complete nonsense, sometimes nonsense verging on the pornographic but there we go. The reason I haven’t blogged over the last few days despite me saying I would is that I’ve been quite busy and I have some interesting news to share. Drum roll please……..take a peep at page 13….go on I dare you.

Just don’t turn up at my house and start stalking me!

That’s pretty cool; I’ve got some stiff competition as I’m quite new to this but if you want change this is one way of trying to reach that goal. I have been feeling pretty despondent by the fact that PIP (Personal Independence Payment) has now been rolled out and as of Monday people will now have to apply for PIP rather than DLA. I tried my best; I responded to the consultations, emailed MPs, emailed Lords, signed so many petitions I’ve lost count. I’m now milling over what our next move could be. Now it’s in place there’s not a lot we can do about that but I suppose what we could do is look again at the assessment criteria, write up another critique and send it off to various people including Ian Duncan Smith, Ester McVey and maybe a couple of MPs from the opposition. To begin with we must have some alternative ideas to put to them to replace theirs. I made some suggestions in my response, they were read (which is a positive start) but sadly not taken on board.

I recently attended a campaigning workshop on behalf of TA which was excellent listening and learning from the experts who’ve been lobbying parliament for years so I know have a clearer view of what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. I have been asked to raise TS awareness amongst doormen, nightclub security. This would be an interesting road to follow but sadly in my opinion quite a low priority at the moment considering we’ve been s**t upon from quite a height.

Back to me being busy, tomorrow I’m off to a Bedroom Tax demo in Coventry, then some serious canvassing, getting out there and pressing the flesh, frankly I’m a bit nervous having to go out there and talk politics with strangers, the Tourette’s doesn’t make the job any easier, it actually fills me with dread “Hello, F*** OFF have you considered voting Socialist gerbils?”. There’s going to be a lot of repetition of the “I’ve got Tourette’s syndrome” line. My comrades insist I’ll be fine; my aim is to get more votes than the BNP candidate at least. It’s scary but in quite a good way, I’m not a quitter.

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