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hellp me!

hello i am on my mums account and i need help i have fainted loads everyday my mum does not know this and that everytime i walk my nose starts to bleed and everything in the day seems a blur to me sometimes been in hospital quite alot but doctors keep discharging me once i fainted infront of them i went into cardiac arrest can u give me some info please??

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Good morning

Please talk to your mum about this - she needs to know, this could be a reaction to any medication you're on or something else, but if you don't tell your mum she can't help, and don't be fobbed off by doctors - insist on further tests etc. Doctors can be great - but they know a a little about a lot, and you need someone who knows more. But as a mum myself I would want to know -SO PLEASE TELL HER.

Good luck and I hope you find out what the problem is x


You really do need to talk to your mum about this and she can help you get the Drs to take you seriously. If you wanted to you could always ring our helpline 0300 777 8427 but it does sound as if your mum and GP are your best bet.

Best wishes


Please follow the advice above. Do tell your Mum, she's not going to angry but she would want to know and help you. Very best wishes


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