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My Beautiful Girl


My gorgeous 17 year old daughter Jessica has Tourettes, would i change the way she is??? Never! I take joy and feel blessed she is how she is.

She was diagnosed at 12 years old. She had vocal tics, grunting, sniffing accompained by motor tics of vast degrees.

She was prescribed medication but decided it made her feel so ill, she would suffer the tics.

At times it was hard to agree with her, because at the end of each day her body & mind would be exhausted. We massaged her nightly, which helped a little.

She was like this for roughly 3 years and then suddenly it all calmed down, the vocal tics stopped, yes she still has motor tics, which she supresses in public, which means when she is home her tics can be so extereme.

I have noticed with her that if she is stressed or worries about anything, her motor tics are more extereme.

Fortunately for us Jessica tourettes started about the same time as Pete going into Big brother, so obviously there was a lot more public awareness.

Her school were great, no she didn't do fantastically well at school, but we never felt the need to pressure her, we want her to be whatever she is comfortable with.

She is currently seeking employment but it's a little difficult for her as she also has ADHD! a mixed bag lol

I rejoice in who she is, i love her and her tourettes

To all you mums/dads/brothers/sisters etc, embrace the tourettes, its just an extension of who they are.

Best wishes to all

Paula x x x

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Hello and say hello to Jessica too :) I am 24 and it was Pete's appearance on BB that made me accept my TS. Unfortunately my father wasn't so keen on the idea but he's slowly come round! He still finds it difficult because I often have to wear a helmet as my tics can cause falls. I refuse to take medication because it makes me feel so dead inside. I don't like what it does to my brain!


What a wonderful, warm message of support! An inspiring story - thanks so much for sharing it!

best wishes



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