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upcoming TV programmes

Hi there

just thought I would let people know of upcoming TV programmes. I should say that I haven't seen these programmes yet so I don't know what they are like and they may not represent the opinions of Tourettes Action or the Tourettes community - but it will be interesting to watch them.

Sam Findlay is going to be a case study on Food Hospital, Channel 4 on 24th October. They have included details on TS on their website too.

Another more controversial one might be:

The documentary sounds interesting – though I am not sure we would describe the phenomenon in the programme as Tourettes Syndrome (TS). As people on this forum will know TS is an inherited neurological condition. For TS to be diagnosed, multiple motor tics and at least one vocal tic must be present over a period of at least twelve months, without a break of more than three months.

best wishes


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