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West Midlands Support Group News Bulletin

West Midlands Support Group News Bulletin

Hello and welcome to the news from the West Midlands Tourettes Action Support Group. Catherine Mosey, 37 has been very busy over the last few days and is about to embark on the task of planning the next support group meeting. We would greatly appreciate your input in the final decision about where and when this meeting will take place. These are the dates that could be suitable –

•Saturday 8th Oct – Birmingham city centre venue (no children)

•Saturday 15th Oct – Birmingham city centre venue (no children)

•Saturday 22nd Oct – KVCC, Keresley End, Warwickshire (children welcome)

•Saturday 29th Oct – KVCC, Keresley End, Warwickshire (children welcome)

I would like to be able to book one of these dates, maybe 2, one for parents and adults only and one also for children, but that depends on demand.

I am also looking for a helper or few to help me out at a fundraising and awareness event to help me sell Tourettes Action goodies, hand out leaflets and promote the support group. It’s a free event to celebrate World Mental Health Day 2011, October 10th, there will be a theatre performance and workshop “Flies on the Wall” along with poetry and comedy. The event will be from 2pm in Digbeth, Birmingham. So I would appreciate a helper or few.

I also have a few ideas with regards to fundraising and awareness on the back boiler and would like to share some of these ideas with the relevant people. I also have some ideas with regards to activities both for adults, children, teens and in-betweens.

That’s about it; I would also like to remind you that the Tourettes Action Conference is next weekend down in Brighton. (17th October) I believe there are tickets still available, there will also be an evening of entertainment laid on. There is also a fundraising event coming up in London on the 1st October.

If you would like anymore information please get in touch.

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hi there, I would love to attend any of the dates above, with the children and without. my 9 year old son has tourettes tics and we would love to learn more, at the moment he has motor tics and the odd vocal tic, he copes really well and the rest of the family have accepted him for who he his. to be honest hes always been a twitchy kid and we never thought tourettees for a moment, his diagnosis was rather quick only 3 months! it would be great to meet other people and children with tourettes so he doesn't feel so alone!


That would be excellent, just keep an eye out for any up-coming news about any meetings!


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