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My skydive jump 7 july 2012

Hello to everyone, I am doing a skydive jump to help support tourettes syndrome, Grace my eldest daughter was diagnosed last year.

My jump will be on the 7 July 2012 at swindon, I will be wearing my Touettes t-shirt green trousers and painting my face green to co ordinate with the colours of this website, please help me, you can sponsor me on

Thank you kindly

Elizabeth ( Liz )

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Good luck Liz, hope to see you and Grace soon xx


Thank you Catherine, and yes you will see us soon x


Hi Elizabeth, good luck with you jump I will sponsor you.My son Tommy has tourettes. Catherine mentioned you at support group on Saturday. I want a jump how did you go about it?


Hi Kayt

I came accross the information by accident on the tourettes organisation website under fundraising, and after two glasses of wine it sounded like a fantastic idea, as time is getting closer I'm getting a bit nervous, but very very excited at the same time, I've managed to raise nearly a £1000 which I am very happy about, you should go for it. Hopefully I will be coming to the next meeting in BHAM, I live in Berkshire so can't always make them. Howold is Tom? my Grace is 9, her ticks have really seemed t have calmed down just lately.

Kind regards



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