Where’s Lili?

Where’s Lili?

I would have taken a photo of our new cat to share with you but he’s in hiding. He’s quite a striking chap and the lady we had him from was quite upset to see him go, we though she might have started to cry, so we were quite glad of the fact that he was very much a loved pet rather than what happens unfortunately to some dogs and cats that are owned by breeders. So Lili Blue Satin is currently hiding behind the front door curtain, this is quite typical behaviour when you bring a new cat home, they find some where cosy to hide and stay there either until they feel brave enough to come out or until they need to attend to nature, Sasha spent 2 days hiding in the wardrobe with the occasional food or litter tray break. We do know that he is quite an outgoing cat, we picked him up from his previous home where he wandered between his human’s house, garden centre and his cattery and made human friends along the way along with his girlfriend (who sadly passed away from the cat version of preaclampsia) a goat, and some chickens. So hopefully soon we’ll get him another friend to keep him company. Again, Pete wants another Russian Blue, he also wants to change his name which arose from a mix-up when he was a kitten, it’s beginning to grow on me as a cute but quirky name for the cattery stud muffin and will certainly confuse some people, check out the collar, “Lili, a girl cat, he walks off, erm…nope, that’s a boy.” I do kind of feel like I’ve acquired a race horse and I’m not quite sure what to do, whether to try and find a female RB to live with us, but I would find it so hard to try and find homes for kittens, not so much the finding homes but the letting them go, even if they were adopted by friends.

Tomorrow will also see the arrival of my brother, I haven’t seen him for ages and do miss seeing him so it will be good to catch up with him. So if I have time between doing some cleaning and ironing tomorrow I have some information you might find helpful. So, what I’d like you to do is think of some questions you’d like to ask me about “Universal Credit” it has come about my person (urm hmm) ask no questions, tell no lies, some useful info about the new “Universal Credit” which will be phased in from next year by the DWP. So be my guests, fire away, that’s what I’m here for as policy officer, I’m here to let you know about the government’s plans for us and how they affect us ticcers, and ticcer’s mums too.

As he’s hiding, here’s a nice arty picture of a Russian Blue, somehow I think that if you saw my cat pictures, yes like any other self-respecting cat lady I have pictures of my cats like people with children have pictures of their children which they like to share. I think also seeing a sea of grey that there is indeed a pattern forming. A grey pattern.

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