Tourettes Action

Fund raising event for Tourettes Action

Fund raising event for Tourettes Action

I was diagnosed with Tourettes in 2008 although we know I have had it since I was 2 years old. I always used to flic my fingers and toes and make funny noises. Life with Tourettes ticed away nicely until October 2011 when my tics exploded. I have had 4 emergency admissions to hospital since then as my tics take over and I cant stop moving, I cant even talk when this happens. Even without tic fits I have to use a wheel chair on a regular basis. It became apparent that even the hospital had very little knowledge about Tourettes. Tourettes Action were wonderful and gave my family loads of information to help at home and at school as well as what hospitals had consultants that know about Tourettes. They also put us in contact with local support groups. They have helped us so much and I would like to give something back and raise awareness of Tourettes at the same time.

I have decided to have some fun with this. I am going to do an egg and spoon challenge. This will involve going around Diss Mere either by foot on in my wheel chair while holding an egg and spoon. Not as simple as it sounds because lovely old Tourettes causes me to have involuntary spasms in my arms and legs. To keep it interesting we are running a small competition for fun where you get to guess how many eggs will be broken during my challenge.

If you would like to donate you can visit

Thanks for taking the time to read this Pierce :)

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I hope it goes well Pierce :) I know it's going to be difficult but you wouldn't get lots of money for TA if it was going to be easy!


Nice one Pierce, good luck. I hope you have fun - when raising money I like to do things I enjoy doing and are within my grasp - hence you won't find me jumping out of planes!


Thank you everyone, I am very proud of him as any mum would be. We have been overwhelmed by the kind words and generousity of people. We have almost reached the origional fundraising target in 7 days The date is now confirmed and its happening on the 3rd of June at 1230 in Diss Park Norfolk. Pierce will be going around a track now rather than the edge of the mere for health and safety reasons. He is doing this at the towns Jubilee celebrations so we are hoping for nice weather and a good crowd. If anyone lives near by and would like to give us some moral support that would be lovely The local paper came to take some pictures of Pierce today and they will be running an article next week not just about the fund raiser but life with Tourettes, this is in line with Tourettes awareness month.

Once again thank you all for your support. If you would like to make a donation it can be done via this link

Sam (Pierces Mum)


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