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Our Friends in the North

Our Friends in the North

I’m feeling as though I’ve let the side down, policy officer me unfortunately whilst my Facebook friends from north of the border (and just below) will be heading all the way down to London to meet up with a couple of other friends to take part in the “Hardest Hit “march , will be having her tongue examined by doctor who specialises in mouth related matters. It’s quite a sad state of affairs because I’d really like to go but as well as this I’M SKINT, unfortunately as a consequence of being unemployed your Job Seeker’s Allowance barely covers your groceries and bills let alone train fares down to London. I think this is quite ironic really as this march is about disabled people and cuts to benefits. I suppose I’m the perfect illustration to demonstrate to those Daily Mail readers that people on benefits aren’t living the life of riley, watching their new TVs and holidaying in Spain. I haven’t had a holiday for about 11 years.

Back to my original point (and no more whinging) I want to say good on you guys, have a great time and wave a placard for me.

Oh yes, I forgot, I quite like men in kilts, I dreamt I married a man in a kilt a couple of years ago, he was quite fit!

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Be bit of a sad reflection on you if the man you created in your dreams wasn't fit

Are you still together with kiltman or did he run off with somebody else in a nightmare

With so many disabled people going all the way to London to protest about benefits some might say if they can afford that they must be getting too much

After the doctor has finished with your tongue does this mean you're now going to talk nicer to me!!!??!!!!!

I can't go as I've got a bad back, bad leg and bad ear - all on the same side so I think it could all be connected. He'll probably dx old gititis


Sadly I woke up. No more man-in-a-kilt :(


And look what you woke up to............kiltman's nemesis!!!!!!


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