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Sibling Tourettes


Just wanted to get an opinion on a situation that we have at home. We have 3 boys, 7 5 and 2 years old. The 7 year old has shown symptoms of tourettes for over a year but doesn't seem to be affecting his daily life. His symptoms include head nods, squeaks and shrieks which are much worse when he's tired. Recently, his 5 year old brother has developed a throat clearing noise which is very repetitive and also he has started telling us that he's 'thinking that someone is fat or stupid' when they are present. He also repeatedly says things about 'scratching things' and 'touching / refering to his willy'. He admits to the slightest thing that may be deemed as naughty even if its hugely trivial. It's quite unusual behaviour for him - does this sound like he's going down the same path as his brother? Is this pattern common?

Many thanks


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