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What to ask gastro specialist?


I have finally got my new GP to refer me to a gastro specialist! Having had all the tests possible through the GP there is little doubt it is anything other than IBS, but I want a specialist opinion on managing it and to make 100% sure it isn't anything else (e.g. anything physical). I don't know when my appointment will be yet, probably 6-8 weeks, but am interested to hear what kinds of things other people have found useful to ask at appointments with specialists, or generally the kind of things they might test/do.


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Hi merlin .... Everybody's symptoms are different.

I would advise you to take a note,write down on a peace of a paper how you feel on different times. If you ask people to tell you what to ask your Specialist , you will end up not getting treated because you will not be telling your specialist about you but other people 's symptoms .


Thank you, good advice!


I would start a detailed food and symptom diary now so that you can be well prepared to provide them with your unique problems. Record food intake, exercise, stress, medications, bloating, frequency and type of bowel movements, etc. You'll probably have loads of tests done which is a really good thing. Definitely take notes as it's easy to forget once you leave the office. And write down questions you have before going in.

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Thank you, I have kept some food & symptom diaries before, though at the time when I took them to the doctor they barely looked at them and I felt I'd wasted my time! Though it did help me to see that there doesn't seem to be any real pattern to my symptoms. I'll start up another one whilst I'm waiting for my specialist appointment and include the extra things you've mentioned (before I just kept a record of food & pain). Fingers crossed!


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