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Child with ADHD in School


one of my best friends has a 13 year old son who has severe ADHD. the School he goes to will send him home at every given opportunity (e.g. swearing, not doing his work, not concentrating) I just want to know whether anyone else has had this problem and what to do about it, my friend also has a younger son who has severe learning difficulties and traits of Autism, among other things, so she finds it very hard some days and I just want to help her as much as I can. She goes for regular meetings at his school but they just don't seem to listen to her at all. it's so unfair, she has to deal with it at home, she can't just send him away for swearing at her so why should the school? their job is to make sure he is in education.

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Hi atkinsonbecca,

Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences of the difficulties that your friend is having. I hope that others in similar situations are able to respond to you shortly.

In the meantime you may find some useful information in the education section of the Brain Injury Hub's information library which can be found at

I'm really interested to hear other people's thoughts on managing ADHD in school.

Best wishes.

Hi I would just like to say you are a good friend to want to help.the need to learn not to be so ignorant it might be helpful if a specialist was able to meet with his school to give a talk on the subject. Tell your friend not to back down and if necessary take legal action this might be the shake up they child callum has a teacher with the same sort of attitude he attends a special needs school and suffers from microcephalic cerebral palsy varies forms of autism and floppy muscles and now has a curvature of the spine his is now shaped like an s and I had to get written permission from his gp and paediatrician to use his chair in school which I obtained they are now being so helpful.the motto don't give up. Hope this get better soon. D morrice

Good afternoon,

I have Aspergers and ADHD. Additionally, I was a teacher. I am 46.

First, the teachers must know, and have a plan - ask to see it. Secondly, the child should have something they can do at all times (something that does not make noise, that is safe, that they can fiddle with in their hands). Thirdly, there should be a rewards system for good behaviour. Lastly, I know many hate this topic, but is the child medicated (I take five tablets a day for ADHD and it helps me a LOT).

I agree with Doshie42 that the school needs to be held responsible for their part in providing for this child. I by no means suggest that parenting leaves with the child when they go to school, but the school does have responsibilities... hold them to these.

Best of luck...


I Have ADHD im 42 went to boarding school there were no meds in my day . But my daughter is 6 and as ADHD . she gets awards etc from school but they have asked me to move her to a new school as she as issues. she is being bullied since she started there 7 months ago i found the school very unhelpful im hoping to find her a better school she as just started meds today but ive seen no change im not sure how long they take to work ? as i never taken any for myself . we struggle daily we do spark off each other not sure who is worse lol. Think ADHD is good for me ive always tried to teach my child the positives of it .

think the school just need more info on it as they say these are SENDS but they only know about the physical and not mental disabilities

Hopes it all works out in the end .. I remember my school days they were not fun.