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heavy vaginal bleeding and blood clots is there another way to tell if i have cervical cancer than a smear.

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hi i have really heavy vaginal bleeding and losing large blood clots some the size of golf balls this does not always happen but i always seem to be on a light period when this is not happening . I can not go for a smear as i am always bleeding is there any other way to tell if i have cancer i am petrified i have an appointment at doctors tommorow but dont no what he will say as i went to hospital last year with same problem they then told me i wont be seeing a nurse and i saw a gp who just told me i had not had a miscarage not that i thought i had .im so scared

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Don't be scared, I had almost the identical symptoms to you and it turned out to be a polyp. Even though you're bleeding you can still have a smear and it can be treated fairly easily.

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You've probably been to see the GP by this point, how did you get on? There are a number of causes of heavy bleeding but I can understand your anxiety, if you have any questions ring the cancer support line 0808 808 1010 and speak to one of the nurses

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hi all i have been to gp who refered me to hospital i only had to wait 3 days so that was good . Why i was at the hospital they gave me a smear and took swabs so just waiting for results .They have also put me on medication to stop the bleeding which is working but im getting terrible migraines a small price to pay i guess. The nurse had a look at my cervix when doing the swab and she said it looked healthy so this sounds positive but waiting for the results and been given an appt for a internal scan in 3 months so hopefully everything will be ok . The doctor said it is irregular bleeding and the tablets he has give me contain a certain hormone and will stop the bleeding . Just hate waiting for results so fingers crossed all is well with smear and swabs. Thankyou for your answers