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Testicular Cancer will affect men relationship performance

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Testicular Cancer affects men's health, it will not show symptoms very quickly. Men will be facing so many other health issues because of Testicular Cancer. This cancer will affects men's relationships or not?. Kindly share your experience and useful information.

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The average testicular cancer survivor lives for four decades after diagnosis. The psychosocial impact of the disease can fester for decades during this time. Unfortunately, current research has been lacking on investigating these issues and have instead focused more on the physical impacts of the disease when tend to affect health-related quality of life to a lesser extent. Hopefully, the research will be changing sooner than later.

Thanks for your kind reply. Lack of research will also slowdown to produce a good solution to cure this type of cancer. Thanks for your valuable information. I hope, medicine world will take a quick action to overcome this problem in a safe way.