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You are not alone

Hi, I'm Steve and I had Testicular Cancer (Seminoma) over 33 years ago when I was 37. My treatment was a 5-week course of radiotherapy followed by regular checks for around 10 years. I still think about the feeling of isolation and hopelessness in the days between my doctor referring me to a specialist and my operation. It was only after my condition became known that people contacted me to tell me that they knew someone who had had the same condition and were now fine. That really made me feel a lot more positive about my situation.

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Hi Steve,

So sorry for the delay in responding to you but it took us much longer (on our part) than anticipated to get this community set up.

The diagnosis period and even afterward can certainly be a lonely and stressful time. Finding someone that has been there before is a tremendous help.

I am 11 years out myself from a seminoma diagnosis. Congratulations on your 33 years of canversaries and I hope that all is well with you.

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