Log term effects of sub arachnoid heamorrhage

Hello everyone. I recently suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage of the brain after taking my dog for a walk. 4 weeks in hospital and now suffering severe fatigue, and feeling rather sorry for myself. No disability suffered and all the limbs are still working. Reading all the literature is a bit daunting in relation to the long term effects of this but I just wonder if there is anyone out there who has suffered the same and what long term effects hey might still be suffering so I can make some rather important work-life decisions Thank you.

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  • Hi Nigel,  I hope you are having an ok-ish day.  I see you have a dog, what breed is it? 

    I see your injury is very very recent.  I am an old hand at this, but still have fatigue and love my pyjamas!  Bear with it, you'll be ok.  Listen to your body and mail me if you want to.

    Best wishes


  • Hi bonfire. My dog is a very excitable Jack Russell.  So how long ago was your injury. Does your fatigue interfere with life and work a lot?? Cheers and thanks for your reply. Regards, Nigel 

  • I know someone you can talk to about it Nigel. My brother had a brain hemorrhage about 7 years ago. He's just written a book all about each stage he went through. It's called 'I'm never ill' lol. He's on Twitter if you'd like a link to his page. :-)

  • Thank you so much jolyn. Yes please, I would love to have his link please 😊

  • Here it is Nigel, I'm sure he'd love to chat. :-)


  • During his recovery, his wife developed breast cancer, they both survived and treated themselves to a visit to the USA...Route 66 :-)

  • Excellent. Thank you. Enjoy the bank holiday.

  • I've told Mark I gave you the link...I'm sure he'll put your mind at rest. Have a lovely bank holiday yourself and take it easy. :-)