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Chewing and spitting


Hey everyone, I'm a first time poster in this community and I would really appreciate any responses. I have suffered with binge eating for as long as I can remember and recently I started chewing and spitting. So instead of eating the food I'll taste it and spit it out. I feel horrible about it because I know thats also not healthy and it is definitely a waste of food. Has anyone else here used the chew and spit method? and if you have, do you have any suggestions on how you stopped doing it or maybe how you stopped doing it often? Thanks!

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hey! i totally feel u! ): sometimes when i walk past a bread shop, i would just buy many 3-4 breads just because i want to try the taste (intrigued by new stuffs) but i am already very full so i would hide in the toilet and chew and spit out the food. i feel really disgusted with what i did because like what u said it is not usual and it is a waste of food. i tried thinking about what triggered me to buy them though i was full. is it im lacking in something else, eg. friendship? or just being thirsty? maybe u could think about what is the real reason behind doing that? if not just gulp down a large amount of water and start to distract yourself with other things perhaps

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