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Hi hopefully someone out there can help me. My son 16 has had unexplained blackouts. He was hospitalised and given heart tracings, normal, but he has had more falls. My sons face is all bruised from a serious fall when he was on his own. I had to collect him from his friends , he was unconscious for around 15 mins and confused for around 3/4 hour. My son does not rememember anything about the blackouts just that he felt dizzy first.

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How awful for you all! Have you tried taking his pulse when he is feeling ok (so you know what is normal for him) and then again when he has fallen? You can also notice any irregularities. Usually by the time you reach hospital your heart is getting back to normal. when my daughter tells me she doesn't feel right I do her pulse then raise her legs if I notice anything odd. Hope that helps and you get him sorted soon

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Thanks I can do this if it happens when I'm there but it happens when he's out and about. I'm at a loss as at 16 he wants to try and remain normal.

Dear Jauntyh, thank you for posting. There are three major reasons why someone loses consciousness - syncope (faint) caused by a problem in the regulation in blood pressure or heart problem, epilepsy or psychogenic blackouts. Every patient presenting with an unexplained blackout should be given a 12-lead ECG (heart rhythm check). It is important that the ECG is read by a specialist. Download the STARS Blackouts Checklist and book an appointment with your GP. The Blackouts Checklist stars.org.uk/patient-info/d... helps you prepare for a docor's appointment and prompts the doctor to ask the right questions. If you would like any further support, please email the STARS helpline info@stars.org.uk

My daughter has been going through this for about 2 years, and we are really finding that it is trial and error for what works for her, sometime she can recognize the symptoms but most of the time she faints face first everytime. One thing we were told if you can lay down when you start feeling "weird" that prevents the faint.......not sure how many 16/17 year olds are just going to lay down in the middle of the floor, because I know my daughter never does and we are picking her up....also they told us to start flexing and squeezing your legs not sure that has helped. Mainly they have told us lots and lots and lots more water, which again I have a hard time with a teenager getting them to drink water. Anxiety meds and beta blockers seem to help as long as she takes them or her body does not become use to them. It is such a frustrating condition at least for me because I don't have anything concrete, she was perfectly healthy one day and the next it was this and we are still going through it. I have to say STARS has helped me a lot in reading the posts and being able to help or prod the doctors along. I hope your son gets what he needs and stops fainting, they have assured us that most young people grow out of this in their early 20's.

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