New in the AliveECG App: the Heart Journal

New in the AliveECG App: the Heart Journal

Take Your Heart Care to the Next Level

You already do so much to take care of your heart. But it can be hard to remember exactly what you did or how you felt on days when you experienced symptoms or had an episode. The new Heart Journal in the AliveECG app makes it easier than ever to journal regularly — helping you and your doctor figure out what’s causing your heart rhythm disturbances, so you can take advantage of the best treatment plan for you.

New in the AliveECG App: The Heart Journal for Android*

The next time you open your AliveECG app on your Android device, you’ll notice a new and improved look and new features!

•Journaling Made Easy. After each ECG, simply tap on a Symptom, Activity or Diet tag to add it to your recording.

•Create Entries Between ECGs. Enter a tag or quick note to keep track of how you’re feeling, what you’ve eaten and your activities at any time. Keeping a journal is as easy as a few taps in your AliveECG app, even without recording an ECG.

•Beat Fluctuation (BFx). With each ECG, see how your heartbeat changes from beat to beat.

Record ECGs with AliveCor, and be part of the largest community that is working together to discover the impact of lifestyle changes on heart health.

To get the Heart Journal, update the AliveECG app on your smartphone or tablet. If you see the word “Journal” at the top of the screen when you open your AliveECG app, no need to do anything — your app has automatically updated!

Learn more about the Heart Journal:

* The Heart Journal is now available for Android; the Heart Journal for iOS is coming soon