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Hard Work of Greatness

Hard Work of Greatness

Check out what McManus calls “the hard work of greatness,” consider his checklist for exploring the landscape that will reveal your artisan soul.

Make love the unifying principle of your life—let love inform all your motives, decisions and actions.

Set time apart to be alone—begin with 15 minutes a day to decompress and reconnect with your spiritual core.

Take time to see and absorb the beauty and wonder around you.

Do more of the things you love and less of what kills your spirit.

Spend more time with people who inspire you and less time with those who hold you back.

Decide who you want to become: What is the story you want to tell through your life? Write a declaration of who you are and share it with a trusted friend.

Write a manifesto declaring the kind of world you will create.

Identify everything you could do now to make your life a closer reflection of the one you long to live. Make every small change you can to move your life into an expression of your passion and longings.

Find a place to serve—someone or some organization that moves you closer to living out your passion.

Love this list and a great credo to live by!