Spirited Lady Retreat



Writing a manifesto can be a wonderful tool in recovery. You can include affirmations, goals, dreams and much more. It helps you to discover what you want your new life to be and give you the motivation to get there. The following is the manifesto I wrote for myself and my ideas for my work. I hope it gives you some inspiration to create your own. I would love for you to share it here so we can support you and you can, in turn, inspire others.

Spirited Lady Living Manifesto

Life is beautiful and I can experience its beauty all day long when I allow myself to see it. I find that each moment carries its own particular beauty that is only present for a few fleeting minutes. Then it disappears forever, only to be replaced by the beauty of the next moment.

My daily affirmation “Today, I embrace a positive attitude and discover the beauty of each moment.”

When I get ready in the morning, I dress myself up with grace and accessorize with a smile. I bring positivity with me wherever I go. I look for the good in others and stay silent when I lack kind words to say.

What I have is today and I choose to make the absolute best of all the opportunities it brings. I look forward to tomorrow because I will enter the day with new wisdom.

Instead of searching for happiness, I find it within me. I give myself permission to be happy right now by allowing myself to be ME. I am free from the internal pressure to be like someone else.

My joy depends solely on what is in my heart. My life's journey is a parade of joyful moments. I am grateful for these, and I look forward with anticipation to all the moments yet to come.

No matter how many times I fall, I brush the dust off my knees and carry on. I embrace my imperfections because they make me interesting. My desire is to be me because that is all that I can be.

Even during life’s most difficult times, there is always a beautiful light at the end of my tunnel. There are no guarantees, but as long as I am breathing, the possibilities are endless.