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Multiple sclerosis and bowel issues

This seemed like a really good overview article to share with those of you who m...

Wearing adult tapped briefs and plastic pants in Summer weather.

Wearing adult tapped briefs and plastic pants in Summer weather. This is the ha...

Let's Get Real This Week - WCW18

This is a link to an amazing short video with Derick Fage speaking at the Global...
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Fecal Incontinence After Childbirth

We write and see a lot more about urinary incontinence, but there are a lot of w...

Stopping men's leaks and rashes in full time bowel and bladder IC adult briefs

I've been double IC for a few years now and have learned a few things about leak...

Using Singlets and Gary active briefs at night over adult briefs to stop side leaks.

Other people here have asked about how to contain leaks at night - esp if side s...

Obesity and Bowel Incontinence in Persons with Spina Bifida

A recently published study is highlighting an association with bowel incontinenc...
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