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Hiv from testing centre


Please help me,I'm frightened now.

In 2015,I got a govt job and before posting we have to undergo medical test.they alloted nearest government hospital for me.inorder to take hiv test I went to hiv centre in the same campus.after registering they gave me a test tube,but that test tube contained some what liked dried blood on its wall,at that time I don't think about that a lot,so I gave that to lab technician.after collecting blood,I somewhat felt dizzy so I asked LT to sit inside the lab for sometime and she allowed me to sit in the lab.so,my doubt is as follows

1.if LT touched the dried blood spot in the test tube and touched my hand to find vein and penetrated the needle through the same place means can it transfer hiv to me?

2.after I removed the cotton ball from my hand,I wiped the needle puncture wound with about a drop of water(because I used water from my bottle).as I was sitting in the lab,I touched the chair and table inside the lab where they use to test the cd4 cells from hiv blood.so after touching those table and chair,I wiped the needle puncture wound with a drop of water.so,if that surface is contaminated,can it transfer hiv to me?

I'm terrified because recently I took a CBC test and my WBC count is 5,600 and 3 years ago it was 9,200. so,I'm depressed whether it may be due to hiv.

Please answer me.

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Hi Deepthash, the HIV virus is very fragile and does not survive outside the human body for very long so it is more than extremely unlikely that you could have contracted HIV in this way. Why not put your mind at rest and take an HIV test?

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Hi Have you been or had any re-occurring flu like symptoms? that you cant put your finger on?

If not your OK after all this time, but stressing will make you very ill.



In all these 3 and a half years,i never had any flu.but I had sinus problem twice and after injection it gone.its not even for two days.


Hi Many years ago I had sinus problems for 3 years then it went, never to be seen again, so does not really count, I would say your just stressing and as I said can make you very ill.



Deepthash it is not easy to contract HIV outside of sexual contact or injecting drug use. I am not sure what this "dried blood spot " you are talking about is - some tubes continue chemicals to either clot blood or to stop it clotting so they can test. As regards your change in white cell counts - this can be normal ! Every single persons blood is like a soup which has increases and decreases every minute of every day. If you are worried - find somewhere confidential and have a test . A testing centre which is medically run is not going to be putting patients at risk of the very infection they are trying to prevent .