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Chlamydia treatment and testing/ In need of reassurance

I started sleeping with somebody new and then I got tested afterwards to make sure everything was okay and tested back positive for chlamydia. I got a one time dose of Azithromycin where you take 4 tablets in one go and don’t have sex for 7 days. I returned to the clinic 4-5 weeks later for a retest which then came back positive again so I’ve been taking a weeks course of doxycycline. But I’m now aware that I should’ve waited a few more weeks to go get retested as the dead chlamydia cells in your system still remain and this causes a test to come back positive even if your not infectious. But I’m just wondering now if I go back to get tested again will it come back positive or negative, I’m not sure how long to leave it and I’m stressing out about if I’m clear or not, even though I took the dose of Azithromycin without any issues and the doxycycline.

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Hi The problem is it need not have come from your new partner, as it loves to go and hide in deep tissue, and you would not even know you have it, till out it pops at a later date which could be up to 10 years.

Sometimes its hard to get rid of.



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