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Sexual Health Matters
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Over 60 & suffering from a sexual infection?

Suffering from an sexual infection or had one recently, and over the age of 60?

You're not alone. There was an 8% increase in sexual infections among the over 60s last year.

I'm a journalist writing a feature about sexual health and the over 60s, exploring how older people are leading a more active sex life, and the issues this may cause.

Is the right health advice easily available to you? Is this an issue that’s overlooked?

I'm not interested in any names, but I'm looking for case studies aged 60+ to speak to, in confidence about their experiences and opinions. Please get in touch on 07817 004 136 or seastaugh@hotmail.co.uk - you can share as much or as little as you wish.

This will shed light on an important issue that will help others in your situation.

Many thanks in advance.

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This will be interesting. Thanks for doing this.


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