What are some more positive strategies we can tell our members for dealing with anxiety?

Whether it's listening to music or going for a walk, how do you all deal with stress?

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  • Personally I try to use some sort of destruction method, I find the colouring books made for adults are exellent method. It works for me anyway but we are all different and use what helps us.

  • I go into another room and get the guitar out. In minutes I'm lost in music of some sort. It doesn't have to be brilliant - just the act of playing. Take up an instrument?

  • really an individual thing--friends and social life helped me the most

  • Stress tightens muscles in various ways. So working on various forms of gentle movement can help reduce the feelings of stress.

    I also play Freecell on my computer. This helps clear my head.

  • Music , and I find when I'm stressed sometimes a sexual let out is good . I need some breathing techniques . Does anyone know of any ?