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Advanced prostrate cancer prognosis

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Hello folks,

Just wanted to have some more idea on Advanced prostate cancer prognosis.

My dad has been diagnosed with Gleason score-9 & PSA-310.Multiple bone mets involved.

His age is 53 years.

MO told it's 3-4 years for dad.



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My husband was diagnosed August 2017 Gleason 9 PSA over 700. Metastasis to spine, hip, pelvic bone, and local lymph. He was 49 and in otherwise great health except 2 years of what the urologist told us was BPH. He had a TURP Aug 4th 2017 which discovered cancer. He had not had a PSA test (or DRE) until 2 weeks after TURP. We do not see that urologist anymore. Immediately went on lupron and started taxotere Sept 2017. March 2018, after chemo, PSA was 25 and he started on zytiga plus prednisone while continuing lupron. He has stayed with this treatment since. Last PSA- last week- was 2.1. Lowest it has been. His scans Dec 2020 showed no active disease. Slow but steady PSA drop continues. He has continued to work and be active. He works out and went plant based (full on vegan and no alcohol for the first year- I think he needed to feel he was controlling some part of his life). He now eats some seafood. He just feels better being dairy free and not eating meat. Doesn't really do junk food- mostly vegetables. I feel the diet and work outs have helped him keep his strength up and help with the fatigue, mental issues and weight gain that can come with treatments. He can get a little more irritable but he keeps a positive attitude and lives each day to its fullest. We were never told any prognosis time frame and I'm grateful for that. We try to keep his stress low but his job, our three kids, and a few heartbreaking losses in our family have made that more difficult.

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Rahul_Patel in reply to pakb

pakb Thank you for sharing your experience and journey.

I wish and pray for many years of togetherness and good health to both of you.

My father is going through chemotherapy right now.

4 out of 9 sessions completed.

His ALP has declined from 3000 to 200.

His PSA will be measured after 5th round of chemo .

Hoping for the best.

I wish you, your husband and family all the strength and goodness which life has to offer.

Stay blessed and stay strong.

Thank you.

Rahul are you currently located in india ?

Do you this site to learn and research more. One thing i can say is that, take " 3 -4 yrs" with a grain of salt.

What kind of gameplan did the MO come up with so far ?

Also, I think you might get better response on the main PC forum. I belive this particular forum is for caretaking aspect of PC.

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