Your Hearing Matters

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About this program

Welcome to the program and congratulations on making the first step to learn more about how you can manage your hearing loss.

Your Hearing Matters is a six-part program that aims to help you understand your hearing loss, how it can affect you and what you can do to limit its impact. The program has been created with the help of Cambridgeshire Hearing Help and Eastern Academic Health Science Network (Eastern AHSN). Cambridgeshire Hearing Help is an organisation that aims to reduce the impact of hearing loss on people’s lives across Cambridgeshire.

The Eastern AHSN works across the East of England to help improve health service innovation, by connecting NHS organisations with academia and industry partners.

In each module we focus on a different theme, ranging from:

  • Understanding the mechanics of hearing loss
  • How best to communicate at home and work
  • Tips to manage when out and about
  • Navigating the healthcare system
  • Finding the right support for you

We’ll guide you to helpful and trusted information on each topic and suggest things you can do.

Funded by:Eastern Academic Health Science Network
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