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Second Flower arrangement

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I did another flower arrangement as I became disturbed at seeing my Fathers other woman.

My Father has gone but the sadness he has created still remains

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28 Replies
Snowdrops_17 profile image

That looks beautiful 😍

Like the red watering can, looks rustic Roukaya! 😊

I had some physical and mental challenges lately! It was very tough going back to work! But praying that the battle is nearly won!

Suffered from backache on and off due to the job I am doing! But I am persevering, not giving in! Filling my mind and heart with positive thoughts is wholesome when I can rest at home! Also did a lot of back exercises and general ones to get my muscle strength back up! Getting there!

One thing we can't do Roukaya,

"Change the Past"!

"But we can change our future and the way we think about our selves and others!"

I fail many times, but my faith in God truly keeps me going! I would be a total emotional wreck without my faith!

Hope you can find some positive thoughts about yourself tonight! You are loved and worth more than you think!

Build your talent with flowers darling ❤️ have a good night please!🌌🌌🌌😊😴

Got early start, 5 am, for 7 am start at work!

God bless night Roukaya 🌌😊😴

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Roukaya in reply to Snowdrops_17

Thank you for being kind enough to reply.

I wish you a peaceful nights rest

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Snowdrops_17 in reply to Roukaya

Night night, God bless! Try and get some rest yourself Roukaya! 🌌🌌🌌❤️🌷🥀

bobbybobb profile image

The lilies look so pretty with the roses and the colour combination, goes together just perfectly. I love the can they are in. Hopefully it took your mind of things that where suddenly brought in front of you from your fathers past. Sometimes a quick diversion is needed to ease painful memories. You have done a lovely job with the flower arranging. 😊💐

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Thank you for your kind words.

leo60 profile image

They are pretty too Roukaya! That woman ( I don't say lady!) may have had some influence on your father when he was alive, but she has none now, unless you let her! And you did so well, flowers vs anger and flowers won!! So please don't let her get to you my sweet! You are worth so much more XX

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Roukaya in reply to leo60

Thank you for your kind words

Another lovely arrangement Roukaya, well done 👍

What a beautiful arrangement, you are very talented. Like Leo60 said the flowers won👍😉😊☀️🌹

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Drsalome in reply to

Totally agree. I do feel ur pain. I think we may be in similar family cicumstances. Thank u for ur post and bravery to share. Yes. Beauty always wins

in reply to Drsalome


Should this have been for Roukaya??

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Drsalome in reply to

Yes. So sorry. Just waking in east coast usa. Need motee coffee. Apologies

in reply to Drsalome

It's ok. No probs. 👍😊

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Roukaya in reply to Drsalome

If it permissible with you ,I would like to you why you said we are in a similar family situation

Drsalome profile image
Drsalome in reply to Roukaya

U mentioned "other woman" in fathers life ither than my mother. I thought mayb similar. I sincerely apologize if i am crossing boundaries/assumptiins. My fathr was buried just un march

That's really pretty Roukaya! 👍

thara9643 profile image

This is amazing!

Want2BHappy3 profile image

The flowers are Beautiful, as far as your father is concerned, you need to may seek counseling especially since he’s Not alive to talk it out with. Or what I did one time when I was upset at my mom who tormented me for the first half of my Life. Sat down and wrote a letter everything she did to me. The difference is she was alive and got to read it. You can still do the same thing about your Dad just take it to his grave site and read it then throw it away. 😷🙏

Roukaya profile image
Roukaya in reply to Want2BHappy3

A good idea

I may well do this

Want2BHappy3 profile image
Want2BHappy3 in reply to Roukaya

If you do, I’d like to know how it went. I hope it makes you feel Better? It did for Me 🙏😷

ninelives profile image

Beautiful flower arrangement you are so skilled.

Look forward Roukaya.

Today would have been my daughter's first wedding anniversary -we so want to get to Sweden to support her but are unable to.Today is a new beautiful day ,gorgeous sunshine and we will get through together.

Keep arranging those gorgeous flowers you have brightened up my day.

Robinson1 profile image

Very nice!

MadBunny profile image

They are beautiful.And what a creative way to help deal with the bad moments in life.

Roukaya profile image
Roukaya in reply to MadBunny

I wonder what inspired your name ?

Thank you

I am thinking of ways I can spend my Birthday as I will be on my own as usual

I hope you are well

I am feeling a bit miserable today

MadBunny profile image

Im very well thankyou.Sorry to hear that you dont feel so good.Do you have any parks or gardens where you could go and enjoy flowers for your birthday?Yesterday I went to another town and they had beautiful flower displays in the town.I didn't have my camera with me😩

I have had pet rabbits for a very long time and I am 'mad 'about rabbits. My friend called me ' the mad bunny lady' so I shortened it to Mad Bunny.Also my latest rabbit is very lively and naughty at times.

Sara_2611 profile image

Oh how pretty

klr31 profile image

This is a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

I can relate to your heartache as my dad, who died in May last year, gave me no end of trouble with a woman 'friend's for the years before his death. He knew this woman for many years before my mum died and broke my mum's heart. All my memories now feel like they are trashed and I struggle to move forward, despite counselling.

Take care.

Karen x

Roukaya profile image
Roukaya in reply to klr31

Good evening

I hope you are well.

Thank you for being so honest .

My separated many years ago and I moved here to be near my Father who I discovered was involved with one of his tenants

She was a gold digger but my Father had maintained her for many years .

If I had not moved here , my Fathers entire life’s work would have taken by that other woman

My Father died two years ago and no amount of Counselling can ever eradicate the pain both me and my Mother had to endure .

You will be able to find a way to move forward in your time .

But it takes time and patience.

Kind Regards

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