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Which TV/movies do you like best? Multiple choice poll

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Drama, thrillers and suspense

foxglove in reply to Rebma

Tales of the Unexpected - really good!

Rebma in reply to foxglove

Thank you. I just watched The Skelton Key. Very good. Kate Hudson stars in it.

lovemydoggy in reply to Rebma

That was a really good one

Science Fiction and Fantasy (including all Marvel and DC franchises)

Drama ... Law & Order

Action movies


Detective, police procedurals

I like to watch the soaps😁nature programmes comedy romance film some thriller type films, restauration programmes, Sarah Beeny location location location. grand designs. Cookery, black n white romance lol cat programmes, some currant affairs George Clarke's amazing spaces.

Adlon57 in reply to Curly1_

Pardon me Curly1_ while I walk to the other side of the street! YUK! Soaps are for cleaning, cooking is for eating not verbal diarrhoea, american 'romance' movies are facile, what is "restauration"?

JerryModerator in reply to Adlon57

Hello Adlon57 this is unfair on Curly1_ as we all have our own tastes so would you please not make personal comments about others tastes please.

Adlon57 in reply to Jerry

I said right at the beginning of the pandemic that I wanted to emigrate, a typical reply "bye bye"! Sure my reply to Curly_1 was rather rude, sorry! but the want to emigrate from this British society has widened, that typical view, hit a nerve, if I could emigrate I would do right now, but my overall health and my isolation during this pandemic are doing myself no good mentally and physically and quite frankly no light at the end of the tunnel!

lovemydoggy in reply to Adlon57

A typo I believe.

film on five christmas movies and talking pictures channel

Sci-fi fantasy doctor who ☺️

And currant affairs, cat programmes, George Clarke's amazing spaces oh and old black n white romance movies lol

Love the soaps too

Tudee in reply to Tinkabell555

The characters are like our ‘neighbours’.,.....me too and they only last 1/2 hr , doable for a fidget like me.

Old black & white films from the 1940's and 50's & 60's.. On channel 81.

Adlon57 in reply to Buzzytruk

Now you are talking, brilliant? Like the old Van der Valk, and that music....

I also like a psycho drama, but usually I cant sit still long enough to watch a movie, I get fidgety.

Nothing better than a good thriller to get your mind of how things are.

A good Hitchcock one, or an old black and white horror, Metropolis, great for Halloween?

The Black List.Poldark and The Tudors

1). South Korean Romance and SK Historical

2). Genealogical - Every Family has a Secret or Who Do You Think You Are?

3). Archeological Documentaries.

4). Antiques Roadshow (British the best).

and oh yes for a real fluffy, light bit of watching, ‘Shakespeare and Hathaway’, when it is on.


I also like documentaries, true stories, I watch YouTube when I got time, worship music from Bethel, and good Christian channels! But I watch all sorts on BBC iPlayer if its sensible or educational! Also medical programs interest me about Surgeons advanced operations and Ambulance Service! But I also like my Bible app, you version, keeps me sane!💞

Sci Fi

True crime and forensics, not fictional TV series.

A place in the sun also

Receantly watched 3 day mini about US Grant Amercian president and cival war general, loved it!

Hb2003 in reply to GERALDDAVID

Ooh i love history sort of

Adlon57 in reply to Hb2003

Yep I'm a real history nerd, anything to do with history, "Quiet! I'm watching!"


Drama, classical and modern plays

Gardening programs

Dramas in general

Property Renovation, Property construction, House moves etc . ie Grand Designs, Property Brothers

All Gardening programmes!(Thank you Barjac for the reminder of this one)

I also like anime ☺️

Certain Detective and certain quiz shows, something you can use your brains to figure out, please NOT cookery, SCD/DWTS, who decides who are 'comedians' or 'celebrities' anyway? A decent movie, not smothered in computer special effects, an old comedy one, even a spaghetti western!

I am not sure where Gogglebox would fit.

Adlon57 in reply to Brent_Wilson

It does not fit anywhere, complete waste of viewing time!!

Brent_Wilson in reply to Adlon57

Not having a television at all, and watching it on Netflix, I find it amusing. My wife, not being British, finds it quite an insight into British characters.

I loved the presumption in the question that everybody has a television.

Adlon57 in reply to Brent_Wilson

You are not really missing much, a couple of years ago, my big sister was up in arms, she was being charged for a tv licence, she does not watch even now, she likes her gardening and keeping up with the 'Archers' on the radio! Gogglebox does NOT represent the true British character [I hope not?]

“Who done it” mystery

Action films and westerns

House renovation/search/build, cookery , diy and craft xx

I love my cricket currently the Indian Premier League tournament, normally also tennis but not so much this year, plus American crime and legal dramas like NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, and Bull and SWAT.

I like quizzes especially Richard Osmans House Of Games. I also like anything to do with the police or ambulance services.

Quizzes, mastermind, university challenge.

Cookery but not bake off

Quiz shows

Love the long running Spanish (subtitles) series such as Grand Hotel and Morocco and The Cable Girls, on Netflix. Enjoying "Road Kill" and last week "The Sisters", all that sort of stuff.

Garden rescue

I also like all quiz shows


An excellent poll and I've chosen quite a few [ Wildlife, documentary, historical drama/romance, thriller, Strictly Come Dancing and the Great British Bake Off. That's me fixed for lockdown then 🤣🤣

Science Fiction films The Voice and Britain's got Talent. Quiz programmes like The Chase


I LOVE Strictly! Other favourites are travel, nature, and drama, e.g Roadkill & Life. Confess a BIG weakness for home makeovers, esp. Jasmine at present, Flip or Flop, & Fixer-Upper. The Americans can be a bit wearing, but these are v clever.

Love the Chase,Tipping point and see what you see. Keeps my brain moving.

Restoration programs. A few medical programs. Love historical dramers.

I am delighted that the month of October is over with it's barrage of horror movies in USA.

Adlon57 in reply to Big_Dee

Bring back the REALLY old horror movies, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Metropolis, Plan 9 from Outer Space [really a horribly made, comedy, low budget 'horror movie'?], that sort of thing?

Big_Dee in reply to Adlon57

Some of the older ones are actually better than the newer splatter flicks, that is not saying much though. I am done with Halloween 1,2,3 & 4. same with Freddy the slicer.

The Great British Sewing Bee.Music programmes

Soaps Christmas movies

Crime particularly Police Procedurals especially foreign ones.x


I relax by watching documentaries, drama, currant affairs, gardening and Coronation Street. This soap makes for easy watching.

Dangerous Waters. Jet sking around the world


Police, ambulance, hospital programmes ( real not drama), The Repair Shop and all motorbike racing.

I like the old fashioned Black and white films like The Mary Celest , Harry Brown, The Shooter. I also like Dixon of Dock Green. Berjerak. Poldark , Van Der Valk, Man in a suitcase. All the films with Margaret Rutherford in like Ship Ahoy and acting as Miss Marple. Also like films like Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze ,also Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. I love musicals such as Singing in the rain with Gene Kelly, Evita, Miss Saigon, Les Miserables also Phantom of The Opera , Oliver .

PS. I also like Sci Fi such as Merlin..

Star trek,, pointless and crime programmes, but I prefer the radio to the TV

Quizzes Question of Sport, Only Connect etc, Sport, Autumnwatch, Andre Rieu, Singing, Gardeners World, can stomach the odd Christmas film when I want to relax

Any detective drama for me ☺️


I love the farm programs mainly up in Yorkshire.

Horror and true crime

Contemporary drama touching on politics and social justice

Murder Mysteries.

anything happy and positive that does not mention covid


I love comedy, documentaries, history and strictly! Xxxx

Plus soaps

I forgot to say that I love Jailhouse Rock. In fact I love all of Elvises Films.

He wasn't a particularly good actor, but Boy could he sing. From Gospel to Jazz or Rock & Roll. He was one of a kind.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Tuesday 11/03/2020 6:23 PM EST

I like Christmas films.

My tastes are simple —— Corrie and Emmerdale ( a bit of fictional normality) and thank God for Friends and The Big Bang Theory. I can almost recite every episode but they still make me laugh.

I like Black Mirror, Offspring, Rita, The Tudors, Frasier and The Office. I like the American version best, but the 2seasons of the British version are pretty funny too.

Gardening : These are additional T.V. shows I like to watch: PBS Nova, Exercise /Fitness, Dateline type shows, Christian talk show, and other women's talk shows. :| :|

science fiction , drama & psychological thrillers

I was watching the Great British Bake Off the other day and cried because it was so sentimental. I adore this show. I also like sci-fi fantasy (like star trek) to get me out of my head. Thanks.


I picked Comedy, Romance, Thriller and Horror ( based on the books by the authors).😀👍🌈🍿📀🎬

The X-Files are my obsession. I don't actually watch TV at all.

Quiz shows