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NEWSFLASH: LIVE WebTV Discussion, tomorrow at 1pm

NEWSFLASH: LIVE WebTV Discussion, tomorrow at 1pm

One of our Trustees, Natalie Ellis (wanagetoverthis), will be taking part in a Live Web TV discussion for Benenden Healthcare tomorrow, 20th December 2012 at 1pm. She will be joined by Liz Wise of The Cedar House Support Group.

This will be shown via and they will be discussing Post Natal Illness, including how to spot the warning signs and various sources of help.

As part of the show, there will be a Q & A session. If you have any questions you would like answering, please feel free to submit them here - or simply tweet them using #studiotalktv

To watch the show LIVE, you can do so here - or if this is running slow, go straight to YouTube to watch it here -

Tune in!

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I know this is an old message but I've only just read it and felt I had to reply.  

My husband and I have been members of Benenden hospital for 40 years.  During this time my husband had a successful operation and I've had two.  The nurses are wonderful.  Unfortunately a few years ago I needed further surgery for a prolapse and had an operation that left me in agony afterwards.  Not only did the surgeon deny I had a problem, so did his colleagues.  I complained to the governors, I was persuaded by Ms Mason to go back but still they denied a problem and I was treated as a liar. I found out through the NHS I have pudendal nerve entrapment, which they said is rare but well documented.  I believe its when things go wrong you know how good a hospital is, as they just stood by their dr.  I understand things can go wrong, that's why you sign a form but if he'd listened to me, it would have been reversible if he'd taken the stitch out within a week to 10 days.  He never apologised, he obviously didn't take the oath he took seriously.  I would be very wary in recommending this hospital.  They now have NHS patients anyway, so are always full up, so paying to be a member of a hospital you can go to as a NHS patient seems pointless. At least if you go as an NHS patient you can complain to the NHS should something go wrong and have their backup.  


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