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Sharing patient stories to improve health & social care quality for all

First of all, thank you for finding and joining our community!

We hope that the information you find and connections you make here will be useful.

This community exists to make patient experience (a term that is often misunderstood), understandable, and to clearly show the elements that make up a patient's health & social care journey. While most importantly illustrating those that can make or break this experience.

Over the next few weeks' we will be working on some pioneer activity - so please bear with us during these initial content stages.

In the meantime we are really keen to hear from you, and learn more about your own experiences of care - if they have been good please tell us why, what made them so good? Likewise if they have not been so positive, what were the main issues? What could have been done differently to improve your experience?

Thanks again for being part of this exciting, new on-line movement. Together we can make a difference and improve the quality of health & social care for all.

Warm wishes,

The Picker Institute Europe Team