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Including SJOGRENS, I have Many autoimmune diseases and I'm able to fight them all! Anyone with SJOGRENS out there for advice!

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Hi my name is Debs! I live in Long Island,New York, USA!!! I'm Englush and Danish decent and love my roots! I have rare Blood diseases! One PV/Polycythemia Vera and APS/ ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID Antibody Syndrome! I'm a funny positive force in my life! I lost a leg due to mistreatment by Medical Community for years! I joke about all my illnesses because if I didn't I'd cry! I had a beloved Son JESSE BRIAN who passed away 9 years ago at age 24! He is my reason to go on so I can keep his memory alive thru my heart and Soul! I'm privately religious and love music and concerts! I just turned a YOUNG 63 on May 7th! I look forward and thank you in advance for any input you have!!! Godspeed his love and may He wrap his arms around y'all in ur time of need and ALWAYS!!!

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Hi debs im new here. I have sjogrens diagnosed in 2013, but im sure ive had it for many years prior. I also have lupus. Im trying my best to keep positive but most days bum me out. The sun really tires me out. Sorry to hear about your son, his spirit lives with you. Have a great summer

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Hi nce to meet you! I'm sorry for your troubles! Thx for ur response! I look forward to hearing from you again! Stay well! Are you on Plaquinil for Sjogrens! Keep in touch with us! Godspeed!!!

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Yes to plaqunil, and now methotrexate for pain in joints. Im about to try another med soon my doc says. Ive never heard of your diseases. Sounds like your handleing your illnesses. All we can do is pray for strength and get thru this life. Blessings to you

Yes my doc very nonchalant about it all! Yes he still has both legs! He shud of DX'd me years ago! I was his patient for over 10 years! I just wish we cud b treated with respect and dignity! Not in this life, but for the many up and coming! I pray for them that they just don't go through what we do! I hope ur well and methotrexate helps you! Godspeed

I was in sun today for 2 hrs and had to come home and take a 2 hr nap! Why does sun wear us out! I don't understand!!!