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Need major help

Hi all,

I have had lumps and bumps recently. Firstly around a fortnight ago in my armpit which was quite painful but has gone down. Secondly last week on my thigh by my bikini like which was very painful but has now gone down

Thirdly now on my groin area which is uncomfortable and sometimes a bit painful.

I have just turned 25 and have thought about having a cervical screening done but my gp and mother said no as I have never been sexually active and the test can be quite uncomfortable. I did Google this on the NHS website and it says that if you aren't been sexually active then your chances of developing cervical cancer is very low.

I am worried. I feel like I have been sleeping well - 8-9 hours daily, eating healthier -at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, not stressing much.

However last week I had major insomnia, loss of appetite and high stress levels.

I have had two aunties on my mums side who had breast and throat cancer followed by my dad's dad who also had cancer.

Please help me...

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I'd advise a visit to your GP say what's going on and let out if it's something nasty, hopefully it's not and you're on.the mend soon, good luck

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Thank-you Jenny




You have a health concern. A visit to your G.P. Is the most appropriate place to find a solution.

You are responsible for your own health care don't wait - and then be told you should have come earlier.

It's like having a luck dip if you listen to everyone around you. Usually they don't have Medicial knowledge. You are an Adult responsible for your own health.

Have courage to do the right thing.

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You are absolutely right! Thank-you!


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