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Holiday insurance

I was horrified to be quoted £1660 pound by a insurance company who supposedly specialise in pre existing conditions and promise not to over charge. This was for a single trip 17 day holiday to florida. I decided to risk it and travel without insurance (i have breast cancer with secondaries in my spine and am on oral chemo though i am quite well). I have however today managed to get insurance for 1 year, multi trip including america and a cruise for 67 pound. The company is alpha travel insurance and i would recomend them to anyone

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Hi, that is incredible, have made a note f their name.


Hi Samantha, wow that's a huge difference...

The quote from Alpha seems more inline with the cost of one that excludes any pre-existing conditions and anything associated though?? I've had trips in Europe and chosen to go with those types as I've got the EHIC and could get back easily.... We have tentative ideas to go to Canada and with the distance etc I was wondering what insurance might be like to include my diagnosis - Ive been NED for a few years but it still seems to ramp up prices to crazy levels even in Europe!

May I ask if you called them or went through the website? Travel insurance is so tricky for so many... Best wishes Sx


Hi I know it seems a little too good to be true but seems legitimate. I went through the web site which was really thorough and there is an on line chat for any queries. You could go through the process just for a quote. It incudes cover for the cancer and some other conditions associated with other meds I am on but if you claim it is a higher excess (mine us an extra £160) but still loads better than other quotes I have had. Let me know how you get on. What is NED? X

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Will have a look, it's a great idea to run a quote through, thanks so much for that.... !

Have a great trip, Sx

- NED is 'no evidence of disease' :-)


Have just done as you suggested Samantha and run through a quote...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this, I'd hoped to get a multi trip policy... Last year when I tried it was either refused, a nightmare to go through all the info or extraordinarily expensive so I just omitted anything connected with cancer.

The website was easy to navigate. I think a couple of the medical questions were ambiguous for my circumstances, but once we've clearer plans, I shall give them a call and make sure I've understood.

Blown away with the prospect of a decent policy for a reasonable amount of money!

Appreciate the recommendation, best wishes Sx


Good luck and hope you enjoy your trip xx


Freedom Insurance in Cambridge also very good...01223 446914

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May be worth trying a company called, it was set up by a breast cancer survivor, and they did the insurance for Greig Trout when he went travelling, they support various charities including The Haven, good luck and I hope you enjoy your holiday


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