Bereaved at Christmas

On Saturday the 19th December my oldest brother died aged 66. This was from complications of diabetes. My sister has terminal cancer. I was diagnosed with diabetes last week and both my mother and brother have died as a result of diabetes complications. I have joined a forum on diabetes issues. I am in bits over the prospect of loosing two siblings in s short space of time. I feel dizzy when I do anything or eat anything. The pain is so bad and will only get worse. I dread to think what the new year will bring. The last thing I said to my brother was that I loved him. The last time I saw him, we had a big hug.

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  • I'm sorry to hear of your losses. You sound like you need a big hug yourself.

    It's good that you have a diabetes forum,hopefully they will give you the advice and support you need.

    Do look after yourself.........try not to get stressed.

    Sending you healing thoughts and good wishes for the new year.




  • I am so sorry for your loss, joyhar. It is so depressing to lose loved ones. Your brother is now at peace, knowing that you loved him. He is in a better place, with no pain or discomfort. His memory will live forever in your heart. Take good care of yourself. There is so much self help available, so browse the Internet. Stay strong and think positive thoughts. Like that, you will start to enjoy life once more. With lovexxx

  • Good lady, Caprice. Beautiful words.


  • I lost my dear wife on Christmas Eve from liver cancer, it was only diagnosed 0n the 20th and I am still devastated. She was only 65 , we had been married for over 41 years and it’s like cutting off my right arm. I don’t know if I can face life, I am disabled and have tried to end it all twice , I had to bin my pain killers , I have a damaged spin and the pain is unbearable .

  • Dear Gordont, you dear Soul. Please take care. x

    Please try to begin eating well. No meat, no dairy, no sugar, no alcohol, no starch. Your body would be helped a great deal if you drank two (or more) half litres of water with 8 large teaspoons of Organic Wheat Grass Powder daily. This will strengthen your body so much!

    Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful family or friends to help you through.

    God be with You


  • Dear Gordont, Firstly, my deepest condolences for your tragic loss of your beloved wife, your soulmate. Separation after so many years together, is very painful. I have been married many, many years, but soon my husband or I will die and will leave one of us without the love of our life. I know life is difficult enough to live, when your own health is failing, but your whole focus now should be on your self. Try to love yourself, which in turn will see you wanting to care for yourself. Your dear Wife would not want to see you in such a poor state of health. Honour her memory by taking care of yourself. For as you live on, so time will heal your pain and your memories of your long marriage will become rich, vibrant and alive in remembering all the many happy years spent together with your wife. See your doctor about your pain, there are pain management clinics available for you to attend. Ask your doctor about bereathment counselling, or look up the Internet for charities who specialise in bereathment, they might have useful leaflets you can read. Speak often with your dear wife, who is nearer to you than you think. She lives on through you. Her cherished memory will see you through this difficult time. God Bless you. Stay strong, you can pull through. With my love and my prayersxxx

  • God Bless you All! You dear dear Soul! But you will get better, I am sure. It is a matter of eating and drinking gallons of water, to help your body.

    I sound as if my needle is stuck, so please forgive me. I know that diabetes is hugely helped with Organic Wheat Grass Powder! This powder helps with all diseases. It oxygenates the blood and corrects unhealthy cells in the blood, also alkalising the body. It contains virtually all nutrients. I am a 67 year old vegan who now lives on this and B12, with GREENS ONLY, from the garden. In years to come, when the cancer has reduced to "0" markers in my blood, I will return to my lovely home grown fruits.

    In the mean time will continue to heal the body.

    Please give your dear sister a KILO BAG OF ORGANIC WHEAT GRASS, A KILO BAG OF BARLEY GRASS AND THE SAME OF SPIRULINA. SHE WILL BEGIN TO IMPROVE, if she eats no starch, sugars, beetroot, tomatoes, coffee, meat, fish. She needs org. nuts, with a tiny portion of lentils every few days. Himalayan salt, turmeric, garlic and ginger are very good too.

    I have had cancer for 20 years and have learnt how to eat and drink. Mainly water. Litres of it.

    The doctors I now only use for diagnosis.

    God bless



  • Lovely, constructive advice joygiffard. I do admire your lifestyle in restricting your diet to nourishing whole foods. I sincerely hope that soon your body will be cancer free.x There are many foods one can eat that are healing to the body. As you say, water does play a very important role in ones diet. My Uncle, who died last Summer and was in his mid 90s, use to always drink pure mountain water, by the litres, each day. Up to the very minute of his death, he was enjoying life, having a cup of tea after lunch in the garden with his family around him. No pain, just suddenly fell asleep and passed away. God rest his

  • Beautiful, thank you. xxx

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