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The Wonderful Gardens

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new to Penny Brohn but I'm trying to cram in as much as possible. I've recently attended the Living Well Course and have now booked to go on the Bristol Approach.

As well as making changes to my diet and life, after visiting Pb I would also like to change my garden and give it a makeover.

I've looked on the site to see if they list the plants in the garden for me to have a shortcut to making changes, but as yet I haven't found any link or information.

Anyone out there who can help I'd be extremely grateful.

Regards Hella

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Hi, I believe the best way to 'change' your garden is to grow as many of your own products as possible, especially herbs. Plant for easy access, and nurture each plant, making sure each plant compliments or supports the other. Herbalist Fiona Shakeela Burns has a wealth of information, and is someone who could advise on what herbs to plant, plus what healing properties each has. natureworx.com/


Hi Penny2,

I agree with you regarding growing your own produce. We have already planted a herb garden as well as beans, peas and tomatoes and hope to expand this next year. But I also want something for the bees, birds and butterflies.


Hi Hella, I have just planted a few bee loving plants for the same reason, I put in a Rosa Golden Wings, Ceanothus, Helenium Wyndley, Lavateria and Allum Sphaerocephalum. They are also going mad on the Buddleia, Borage and Coastal Flax. I have had some Peacock Butterflies on the Buddleia, and a beautiful dark purple one on the raspberries, blackcurrants on a raised bed in the back. I have just cleaned the pond as well, and found a red female frog together with a baby green one so all in all I feel my garden has quite a lot of wildlife in now, which is the key! All the best and happy planting xx


Hi Hella,

I'm really glad you're getting so much from your time with us. We are working on getting information on the garden onto the website and within the next month hope to have a blog up and running which will include information about what we're planting through the year.

I'll post back here with a link when we're ready.




Hi Lisa,

I may be being lazy but it would be so much easier for me to read up and identify what flowers you are growing at PB and then try to fit some into my scheme for the garden. Whilst I was having treatment I was not allowed to do any gardening at all so mine is a bit neglected at the moment.

I'm enjoying every minute of my time with you and only wished I lived closer and could then attend more but I'm grateful for what I have had so far.



Hi Hella. I agree the gardens at Penny Brohn are gorgeous! I am lucky enough to live in Bristol so I can drop in and enjoy the gardens regularly. It is tended by a volunteer group which is coordinated by an amazing lady called Ashley. I know there is a plant list on a notice board at the Penny Brohn Garden notice board but I

don't think it is on line. If you contact Penny Brohn Community group via Sophie Bayley [Sophie.Bayley@pennybrohn.org] she will be able to help.


Hi Survivor 2007,

Thanks for the info. I'm looking into it.



hello Hella

Plant vegetables,flowers,herbs. Watch as they grow, so will you.....sit back back enjoy.....connect with the energy of your garden. Allow your garden to bring you harmony and peace.whatever you grow will be wonderful




Hi Jean,

I couldn't have put it better myself. I'm enjoying the experience more and more.



Hello Hella I think we met in the Cedar Garden (I'm one of the volunteer garden team) when I was taking photos. We will have some plant lists available soon and the Garden blog will be on the website soon too - will put a message on here when these are up on the website. In the meantime, the dark purple flower you asked about was Knautia Macedonica - the RHS website (plant section) is good to see at a glance, all the info you need for growing, propagating etc rhs.org.uk Good Luck with the garden. Christine


Hi Christine,

many thanks for the info. I've already started to plant out some different types of flower but I'm grateful for the information so that I can broaden my planting spectrum and attract more wildlife.

Thanks once again for you help and encouragement on the day that we met.



Hello everyone

We now have a Garden Blog on the Penny Brohn website, its found under "Our Locations" on the Home page. This provides glimpses of the garden as it is currently and we hope you all enjoy this reminder of the gardens if you have already visited and if you havnt then its a little taste of whats happening in gardens everywhere at the moment - perhaps giving you some new ideas for your own gardening , on a windowsill, or out in the garden. We will update quite often with short posts so do keep looking in.

Best Wishes from the Volunteer Garden Team at Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Bristol


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