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Hi Chaps. A little bit of poetry for you. I've found it very helpful in expressing how I feel sometimes or have felt in the past. I've also found that it is helpful to know I'm not the only one who feels this way. This is a more positive one but there are more brutal, angry and brooding ones. I'll put more on if you find them useful but won't burden you otherwise! I have grade 3 stage 4 breast cancer.

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Hi Sally. Would love to see your poetry. Did you add a poem here? I can't see it. I've never really got on with poetry but discovered some wonderful poems at Penny Brohn, especially during the Nature Retreat I did last year. I would love to be able to write but it always look silly when I try! Love and best wishes x


Hi Sally yes please i would love to read your poetry. I'm inclined to have a go at writing myself.

It seems to help.

Take care sending you positive thoughts.




I find it really helpful to clarify how I'm REALLY feeling and you can say stuff on paper that you could never say to anyone. Give it a go!!



surrounded by sea

yet so still

People moving talking

yet so still

Rain howling wind

yet so still

Monks chanting their blessings

yet so still

My thoughts fall on this page

yet so still

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beautiful. Calming and beautiful and I love the arrangement on the page and the lack of punctuation gives it an endless quality.


Here's one of mine sallymoon.

One year ago we met.

Just one year - and yet,

How can I ever forget!

Sometimes I catch your shadow,

Sneaking down an alley,

just around a corner,

in the darkest recess of my brain.

Stalking me - the ghost of what once was-

and what might be again.

I thought I had expunged you,

drove you from my head

in the halcyon days when poisons

in my blood rid me of your threats.

I believed you would be gone for good!

But here you are, my stalker,

waiting, while fear of your return fills my mind.

Oh Cancer, why are you so unkind?

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This explains exactly how it feels! I'm not sure my experience of chemo was 'halcyon' however!

I guess I know mine will never go, is technically incurable, but it has occurred to me, for the first time, this morning that I can lead a normal life at the moment and that being in remission is really great news!

thank you for this poem. It's a relief to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way sometimes! It really is always there in the back of my mind.


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