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Interview with principal investigator of planned NZ clinical trial

In April this year biotechnology company Living Cell Technologies announced plans for a Phase 1 Clinical Trial of their NTCELL treatment for Parkinson's in New Zealand.

Since then the trial, which because the treatment uses pig cells most people have been referring to as 'the pig cell trial', has been given approval by the Ministry of Health and most recently ethics approval.

Auckland neurologist Dr Barry Snow is the principal investigator. The latest issue of The Parkinsonian contains an interview with Dr Snow about the treatment and the trial. See

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The Cleanest Pig is a short (3 minute) film that gives some background on the Auckland Island pigs. These are the disease-free pigs the cells in the trial come from.


Pig Cell Treatment for Parkinson's gets NZ green light

TV3 reports on the trial in October last year. Segment by Adam Hollingworth and featuring Dr Andrea Grant, Dr Barry Snow and yours truly.