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The Shaking Palsy

I'm around the other side of the globe where winter is fast approaching, snow already in the north. Wednesday night is Halloween here but it is also PARKINSONS MOVEMENT first webinar .I have got this info from other sites I visit and want to pass it on. Hope that is OK.

It reads:

Please join us in the first of a series of webinars being run by Parkinson's Movement, an initiative of The Cure Parkinson's Trust. A trailer for the first webinar, called The Shaking Palsy - an introduction to Parkinson's, can be seen here

This webinar will explore how Parkinson's has changed since James Parkinson's essay The Shaking Palsy, written in 1817.

Dr Jon Stamford a UK neuroscientist, but also a person living with Parkinson's promises a lavishly interactive, interesting and insightful investigation into the history, the mechanics and the change in perceptions associated with our condition

To take part, please visit:

To ask a question, please email:; beforehand, or during the webinar. If you have any problems, email Helen on

It is on Wednesday 31st at 7pm GMT. That is going to be Thursday 1st at 8am NZ time, If anyone is interested might be worth checking in.

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That's really awesome Hikoi...thanks for sharing! I will be going to work at that time, but am definitely keen to participate in any subsequent webinars (what a cool word, lol) that may be held. :-) x


Thanks sparklelikeme

Only 12 people on the site so far to see so nice to hear back. This is the home site

which has interesting information and videos but i think it can be a bit confusing at times. Just have to try the various drop down menus to check the links.

I do hope you and others will at least take a look at the "on the Move " magazine its very good IMHO and great to feel connected internationally.


Thanks Hikoi! Will see if I can get up in time. It looks interesting.


Thanks for this Hikoi, will be watching with interest - Cheers


Oh dear! Sorry to report this delay, I have just been notified by e-mail.

Hurricane Sandy has delayed our best laid plans.

The Livestreaming site we were using for the Parkinson’s Movement Webinar this evening at 7.00 pm, has only just gone live again, having been down for 24 hours. This means that we have been unable to load the content for the webinar in time for tonight.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience, however we are rescheduling the webinar for 6th November 2012 at 7.00 pm GMT. The link for the webinar will remain the same. Also if you have any questions you would like to raise, do please email or

Very many thanks and apologies for the late notice.

Best wishes


Helen Matthews

The Cure Parkinson's Trust


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