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Trazodone may halt PD

Hi all,

posting this in the hope of gathering more information. Some research just published by the BBC from the UK highlights Trazodone as potentially able to halt the disease progression in PD & Alzheimers.

What I would like to do is ask if anyone on here has any experience (positive or negative) with the use of this drug and whether they have noticed a slowdown in their disease progression.

They are planning clinical trials soon which means that the results are over two years away.


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This is really interesting. My PD husband had a crisis earlier in the week, he was withdrawing from celexa to try a new drug. He's been feeling worse for several months. He quit the celexa too quickly, and was in horrible shape. He couldn't sleep for nights at a time, and had horrible restless legs.He went back on the celexa He had some Trazadone from several years ago for insomnia, from a different neurologist than he has now. I told him to take it and keep taking it to get some sleep. He's also been using an exerciser I have where you lie on the floor and it moves your body in serpentine motion.(It's called Exerciser 2000) It gets the blood flowing and helps with the restless legs.

Back, to the Trazadone. He is so much better; even my son noticed. It's like I got my guy of 57 years of marriage back.It's probably that he finally got some sleep; I don't see how anything could help fix him that fast, but there you go....


Thanks for the reply rhyspeace12 - it may be due to improved sleep, who knows, it sounds like it's a bit too quick. Is his intention to carry on with the Trazodone ?

He may be interested in the article above.

Thanks again and keep us posted. I can't be the only one here interested.


Thanks, partypants,I haven't tried it but I'd be very interested to know any outcomes too, I'm early stage yet and if there are things that will delay progression then I'm keen to hear about them. I've found getting a good nights sleep, coffee and exercise have made a huge difference for me.

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