Having PD and Going Nowhere Fast (and other self observations)

Sometimes when I have a lot to do I feel like I am "going nowhere fast."

Sometimes when I have nothing to do I feel like I am going "somewhere slow."

When I have a lot to accomplish I sometimes can get overwhelmed.

And when I have a lot to learn I can get frustrated, impatient, and confused.

Often when I have these kinds of difficulties/challenges I step back and look at what I am doing , and just start laughing at the whole thing (like I am doing right now as I write this, and with difficulty, TYPE this!).


really believe that if I did not have a sense of humor, (which to me means being able to sit back and look at the ridiculousness of the the situation, and be able to see the humor in it), I would not be the survivor that I am, ..especially as it relates to having PD..


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  • You are so right. I don't know how many times I have said to my husband "if I didn't laugh I'd have to cry!" I still cry but I laugh more than I cry---both are healthy.

  • Crying is good too, as long as you laugh more!!!


  • The old saying 'laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone' comes to mind.

    It is not always easy to see the funny side of things, especially those frustrating moments which we all get, but we have to learn to live with this, so I suppose we just have to get on with life.

  • That old saying is one of my favorites!!!

    You are so right, as long as we have to live with this, we might as well laugh!!! We need to move forward with our lives in the meantime!


  • I L AUGH A LOT AT MYSELF - and the stupid desease we call pd - but i also cry too at the most daft things , which in turn makes me laugh again !! :-)

  • Laughing at ourselves is a sign of good mental health! Keep laughing Shasha!!! :-)

  • i will !!

  • This sounds all too familiar! We Parkies have to keep our sunny side up and keep our sense of humor. It is much more fun to laugh than cry.

  • Yes indeed!! I like your words: "We Parkies have to keep our sunny side up...." I do cry, but I always end up laughing, and it is SO MUCH MORE FUN TO LAUGH THAN cry!


  • Those were words of wisdom! Thanks!

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