Guys. Does anybody have any evaluation/views on this drug in terms of effect on brain? My story goes way back maybe 10 years and at the time concerned lots of chronic pain (back, knees). The docs were about to give up when I told them I'd read about the ability of an old anti-depressant to alleviate pain. They gave me a go on it and within a matter of weeks, much of my pain had gone. My own take on it was (and is) that it gives one such a good nights sleep that your body gets a proper chance to repair itself. I admit that I got a little hooked on it and took it for years on and off due to it's marvellous sleep inducing properties. Anyway, then I get PD. I kept on using amitriptyline thinking 'well everyone who gets it seems to complain that they don't sleep, but hey: I have secret weapon that I'm gonna keep using'. But then I researched a bit and I DID find some serious papers from academics tentatively linking long term ingestion of this drug with the start of PD. One might think that there's no issue as that now I HAVE PD, what's there to lose? Maybe the drug could make things worse, but boy do I love 9 hours quality snooze! Any analysis most welcome friends.

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  • Interesting. I woould be interested in your comment on dosage.. I started on nortryptilIne 10. Mmg for sleep problems but now 20 mg isnt working that well..

    I know nothing about a casual link to developing pd. wonder. how receeent that research is.

  • I have taken 25mg for years. Works like a dream annoyingly. Wish I wasn't such a slave to it!

  • Thank your lucky starts and dont changeit!

  • I take 50 mg 5-HTP a couple of hours before bed and that seems to do it for me. Best to get off of amitriptyline if you can if it really does cause PD.

  • Thanks

  • Helps you sleep-old antidepessant. It makes me very groggy so I don't take it anymore.

  • I am the spouse of a PD sufferer. I have had fibromyalgia for 13 yrs and take 10-20 mg every night to relax muscles and help with pain & sleep. It works really well. If I forget, I lie awake for hours till I remember! If you are groggy in the mornings, just take it earlier in the evening. I have not heard if any link with PD.

  • What daily dose do you take.

  • 25mg but not daily. I save it for a treat once twice weekly

  • Hi! I was taking amitrypiline for pain. I am also taking clozapine for schizophrenia & I had adverse side effects, my speech was slurred & I stuttered. I have stopped them.

  • New research is now suggesting the drug slows PD down!

  • Yes, I saw that yesterday. Weird! Have you noticed that your symptoms have been slowed down by taking amitriptyline?

  • Well I've been taking erratically for years and so I have no idea. What I do know is that the PD certainly developed over a period despite my ingestion of this drug.

  • Hi! I was taking amitrypiline for pain but it caused side effects with clozapine,my speech was impaired & I was stuttering I could not get my words out. I was on it for a few days then I stopped it.

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