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How much (dose) Mucuna Pruriens powder ? Zandopa?


Safe Mucuna Pruriens Dosage Guidelines

How much Mucuna Pruriens powder should be consumed a day for the best results? With a proven track record stretching back many hundreds of years, it appears that the human body is able to tolerate Mucuna very well. Still it is best to stick to the lower end of the recommended Mucuna Pruriens dosage range.

The median dose which most people take is 500 mg per day. Anyone who is new to Mucuna should try a smaller dose, closer to 100 mg, up to 3 times per day. The maximum dose should not exceed 1 gram per day total.

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If you read 10 articles on mucuna pruriens (velvet bean), you will probably discover 10 different opinions on ideal - or "safe" - dosage. Dosage would also depend on the form of your mucuna i.e. powder or extract and the purity thereof. One of the more popular herbal health "gurus", David Wolfe (of NutriBullet fame), states it is one of few adaptogenic-type herbs that is virtually impossible to overdose on making the discussion of "safe" dosage dependent upon whatever works for the user.

I take 6.7 g of 98% Mucuna l-dopa total daily consumption.

That's what it takes to control my symptoms, and is within 'normal' for this purpose.

Which product is 98%?

I have no tremor but do have bradyknesia, which dooes not rerspond to l-dopa. I take 500 mg (20% l-dopa) at mdnight and 8.00 a.m. and 400 mg (15% l-dopa) at midday, 3.00 p.m. 6.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. for alertness and sociability. I can tell if I am late with a dose. I prefer capsules with 50mg l-dopa, rather tan 60mg., but can't always find them in the UK.

This research paper:

explains why the decraboxylase inhibitors that are always used in combination with L-dopa (as Sinemet arnd Madopar) in order to protect it from destruction, are bad news , which is why I switched to Mucuna pruriens (although I personally doubt whether they "bind irreversibly" to Pyridixal-5-Phosphate [P-5-P]).

L-dopa is L-dopa, wherever it comes from - there is nothing special about the L-dopa that is present in M.p. except that it contains no decarboxylase inhibitors. M.p. may well contain additional useful substances but, a word of warning to anyone on anti-coagulants (Warfarin), M.p. conatins Vitamin K, which means you'll have to increase you Warfarin dose by about 25%, so you'll have to tell your doctor you're taking it. In the UK this can be difficult but stay calm and explain why you want to change to M.p. A printed copy of the abstract of the paper, whose reference I gave above, may help.

30g Mucana

per day

“…mean dosages of 45g/day of mucuna seed powder extract (contains about 1500mg of L-dopa),…”

Compared with standard LD/CD, the 30 g mucuna preparation led to a considerably faster onset of effect (34.6 v 68.5 min; p = 0.021), reflected in shorter latencies to peak L-dopa plasma concentrations. Mean on time was 21.9% (37 min) longer with 30 g mucuna than with LD/CD (p = 0.021); peak L-dopa plasma concentrations were 110% higher and the area under the plasma concentration v time curve (area under curve) was 165.3% larger (p = 0.012). No significant differences in dyskinesias or tolerability occurred.

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I bought zandu zandopa only states take half glass water with prescribed dose of powder. Could u please tell me how many tsp. Not grams to add to a half glass water please and how many a day. Ive decided to take this instead of drugs. Neuro does not want to hear about anything natural.

I might add...i only have a right hand tremor.

Users in the group might be best responding

What is a safe and tested brand of Mucuna Prurience please?

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Amazon or

Garry & Sun

1030 Matley Ln., Unit A, Reno, NV 89502

Phone: 775 826 6004, 775 826 9004

Toll free 1-888-98-Herbs (43727)

Website: Garry n Sun Natural Remedies

Kaunch Seeds - Mucuna Pruriens D.C (Powder), One pound = $25.98

They import it from India where it is called kaunch powder.

Can you tell me how much 7.5 g is in tsp

Do u take zandopa or anything else with B1?

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Listed in my HU profile

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